Friday, March 18, 2011

Color Combos Galore

Ok Ok, so I have become addicted to Colour Challenges.  I have come across another website that does Colour Combos................... Color Combos Galore

As with my last post I did contemplate this one all week as well, I also got it done last night in just over an hour.  It was my first ever attempt at stitching on cardstock, using my mum's old sewing machine that she has probably had since before I was born.  I actuall don't mind the way that it turned out - yes I was going for this kind of thing.

There are some really talented ladies over at both of the sites that I get the colour combos from so why not head on over and check them out for yourself.............. why not join in a challenge while you are there.

Thanks for Looking. 
Have a Great Day :-)


  1. love your #49 LO and this one rocks too, aint sewing on your LO's lots of fun I do it all the time! P.S Thanks for stopping by my blog ;)

  2. Saaammyyyy girl... congrats on your publication - well done girl so proud of you.



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