Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DONE mum Done

This double page layout is based on my darling daughter and her morning breakfast habbits when she tells me that she is "Done mum, Done".  She is so cute, she will tell me she is done then when I go to get the bowl and take her out of her seat she will lick the bowl clean and make sure she has got it all.  I have tried to incorporate the colours that are in her pjs and the bowl into this layout.  I personally think it has turned out really well.  It is using Kaszazz products and I intend to turn it into a workshop to send into Kaszazz.


  1. Congratulations Sam, your gorgeous project has been featured on "kaszazz Blog Finds " for 30th JUly 2010.
    You can see your porject here


  2. Hi Joanne

    Thank you very much for the recognition. Being relatively new to the world of scrapbooking I means a lot to be featured on the Kaszazz Blog Finds. I must say although my journey so far with Kaszazz has not been all that profitable (I tend to spend all profits and then a whole lot more) It has definately been an enjoyable one that I am hoping continues for years to come.

    Regards Sam



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