Friday, July 2, 2010

I created this layout based around the glittered lace effect created on double sided sticker paper.  I loved the outcome and decided I had to make a page out of it.  It happened that my graduation photos were the only formal type photos that I have other then those from my failed marriage (the only thing those photos are good for is keeping one warm on a cold winters day).  Over all I am very happy wit the outcome.  Unfortunately though Kaszazz doesn't sell all of the products so will be unable to submit this one.


  1. hi Sam, love the background and the layout.
    Is it hard to do as I was thinking of starting one
    love Judi

  2. Hi Sam, yey! I can finally leave you a comment... hahaha. I love your new blog dress Sam - gorgeous!

  3. Hi Judi
    Thanks for the comment about the layout, and if you are talking about starting a blog then I am probably not the best person to talk to about it cause I have really just stumbled my way through this one.

  4. Hi Grace
    Yes I finally sorted it out, with your help. Thanks again for all your help. And yes I quite like the new background



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