Sunday, November 7, 2010

My New Camera

Well after weeks (possibly months) of indecision about what camera to purchase, do I get an SLR, compact, how many megapixels, how much $, all of the stuff that comes with spending a reasonably large amount of money on 1 item.  I must have read 100 different reviews and spent countless hours wondering what to buy.  I finally decided that being this close to Christmas I was allowing myself between $500-$600.  Well yesterday I went and had a look at Camera House and checked out the Canon SX30 IS.  I fell in love with it.  I must say that it is one that I kept coming back to when I was reading reviews and with 14.1 megapixels and 35x optical zoom it is just fantastic. 
I haven't really had much opportunity to play with it to the extent that I would really like to however I did go for a little drive this afternoon just to have a "play". 
All in all I am absolutely wrapped with my new camera and I can't wait to be able to try it out properly.  What a great birthday present, and its 19 days early :)

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