Saturday, January 22, 2011

January TTD

Well today I attended the long awaited Team Training Day.  Team training day was held nationally last weekend however unfortunately due to flooding throughout central and southern Queensland the TTD goods were held at the Brisbane mail centre and did not arrive in time for us up here in Townsville to have our TTD last weekend.  We finally had it today and it was well worth the wait.  Not only was our gorgeous host Gracie fantastic with running her very first TTD the products are gorgeous and it was a great fun day with some wonderful fellow Kaszazz Consultants.  I just wanted to share some photos of the Townsville TTD.  I will add photos of the projects that we completed tomorrow after I manage to get some photos on them.  I think they deserve photos before I go and post them all over my blog.

Our Lovely Hostess Gracie
Nikki Checking out the Competition Entries
Jac being her lovely helpful self
Busy at Work

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