Saturday, January 22, 2011

TTD Competition Entries

Well as per my previous post, we had TTD today and I just wanted to share with you my creations for the Competition that is held at TTD.  The competition this time was to create something that used the Sticky Bling Words that Kaszazz sells.  These words are fantastic and very pretty.  I decided to make 2 entries (we can make as many as we want).  My baby sister Storm was the inspiration for the first one.

My Gorgeous baby sister Storm was the inspiration for this one. 

Storm is forever taking photos of herself, and why wouldn't she, she is gorgeous.  I have to steal them off her facebook page (yes she knows I am taking them) because she is to far away for me to just get copies of them.  I found the one of her with the guitar and just knew that I had to create something special for her.  I think it turned out beautifully.  I have a beautiful baby sister who has now been the subject of what I consider to be a couple of gorgeous layouts.

These 2 photos are a a Page & Pocket Layout.
"5 Generations of Women in my Family"
 My inspiration for this Page & Pocket LO was the "old" photos that I got of my mum and grandma.  I was so thrilled when my brother came to visit bringing with him a huge packet of photos from our childhood.  Mum came with him and she came bearing a USB that was full of photos from her childhood.  It was fantastic.  There was a huge selection of photos that I had never seen (mum's childhood) and another huge selection of photos that I honestly thought I would never see again (my childhood).  Seeing these photos, and getting photos of my grandmother who died when I was 6 weeks old was enough to make me want to scrap the generations of of women in my family on mums side. However I only wanted to go back through the generations that have been there in my life.  This included both of my great grandmothers on mums side who were both with us up until recent years.  There is nothing more important in life than family and I love my family more than anything. 

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