Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Color Room

TCR - Palette #45
I have recently discovered a fantastic website called 'The Color Room'.  Each week there is a new Colour Palette that is followed in order to create a LO.  I have so far completed 2 LO's.  Although I have not used just Kaszazz products on these LO's I think they are fantastic and I wanted to share them.  I have really enjoyed the challenge's for the last 2 weeks, not only have they given me a chance to use up some of my non-Kaszazz product, they have also given me the inspiration to create again.  Admittedly I have somewhat lost my creative mojo and The Color Room is helping me find it again.
A closer view of the Photos in this LO
This first layout is palette #45.  It was a gorgeous mix of purples and soft greens.  I love these photos of Mackenzie.  She snuck off and played in the puddle of water.  She thought she was being sneeky but it wasn't the case.  The handmade flowers on this LO have been made out of the same papers that are used on the LO.  The butterflies are stamped and punched out of vellum.  They are then covered in kindy glitz.  I loved this colour palette and personally think that it all comes together beautifully.
A close up of the handmade flowers.  Made using the same
 papers as the LO

TCR - Palette #46

A closer view of the photo and paper bark

A close up of the handmade flowers in colours matching the palette
 Palette #46.  The subject of this LO is my gorgeous little man Jayden.  He got rather upset watching me do the #45 Lo and was wondering why I make these "pretty" flowers for Mackenzie and not for him.  So I decided that this LO could handle some flowers.  I have had the paper bark for a while now and have been wanting a LO to use it on.  I figured this would be the perfect LO for the bark.  One of my favourite photos of Jayden I think this LO is gorgeous.  He was rather pleased with it when he came home from school and I showed it to him.  "See mum, I can have flowers as well, they are not just for girls". 

If you would like to join in with the gorgeous colour palette challenges the link is The Color Room 

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