Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well thanks to YouTube I have learnt how to make flowers from satin & lace.  Yesterday I stocked up on my satin & lace supplies and got to making some of these gorgeous flowers in order to master the technique.

The first lot that I made

These are some of the ones that I have made so far.

Ribbon & Lace

Lace Flowers

Lollipop Flowers (I love these ones)
  I have since made more and I am getting better as I make more.  I am loving them so far and am getting a pretty good collection of them happening.  I will upload more photos when I use them on a LO so you can see what they look like when used.  I would have uploaded some more photos today but for some reason they are taking forever to upload and I get impatient :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love the lollipop flowers :o)

  2. Well well well.. girl look at you getting so creative. I love them all.. TFS.



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